read books. give books.

The mission of Read n' Give is simple but powerful – Collect, share, read, donate, and pass on books in a continuous cycle
of giving.

During the month of March, and other selected times during the year, students in K-12 school districts partner with local businesses to "pay it forward" in support of reading and raising awareness for community literacy programs.

schools and businesses read n' give back – we need you!

Thanks to the efforts more than 160 schools, businesses, and community organizations, our campaigns have resulted in the collection of more than 200,000 books which were donated to a growing list of recipient organizations. With the help of dedicated business sponsors, energetic students, and tireless volunteers Read n’ Give celebrates a successful 2014 campaign.

Over the past seven years, Read n’ Give has grown from a small book drive in one elementary school, to a nationally recognized campaign, executed by a network of schools and partners.


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